Villla Academy Middle School Syllabus

Grade 6-8 Physical Education

Teacher: Kevin Lee

  • Room: Gymnasium
  • Telephone Extension: 270
  • Email Address:

Course Description: Physical Education in the Middle school offers students a variety of games as well as team and individual activities. Increased PE time will provide students an opportunity to improve their overall fitness and will focus on activities that promote exercise for life.

Students will participate in more complex activities such as Frisbee games, volleyball, soccer, basketball, floor hockey and softball. In addition to traditional sports, students play a number of non-competitive games and activities, such as jump roping, yoga and indoor “rock-climbing.” I continue to focus on sportsmanship, self-improvement, individual growth and teamwork.

Content Know Understand Do
Team sports
  • Basic rules
  • How to play as a member of a team.
  • Importance of teamwork.
  • Rules of play.
Students will be able to execute game play and demonstrate teamwork.
  • Safety procedures
  • Importance of staying fit and exercising regularly.
Students will participate in individual fitness activities.
Recreational games
  • Basic rules
  • Teamwork
  • How to play in a structured environment.
Students will be able to play recreational games.

Student Expectations:

  1. Be prompt
    Change clothes in a timely manner and be prepared to be physically active.
  2. Be prepared
    Come to class with appropriate P.E. attire.
    Students must wear: shorts and/or sweats, t-shirts and tennis shoes.
  3. Be a participant
    Participate appropriately in all physical activities.
  4. Be positive
    Try your best and give 100%.
  5. Be polite
    Respect yourself and others. Always support your classmates!

Behavior Intervention:

  1. Visual or verbal reminder
  2. 7 minute sit out and loss of points.
  3. Removal from PE for 10 minutes and conference with teacher, phone call home.
  4. Referral to Middle School Director

Daily Materials:

  1. Athletic footwear- tennis shoes
  2. Proper dress attire- shorts, sweats, t-shirts.
  3. Good attitude

Grading: Each Trimester students will be evaluated on the following:

  1. Participation 50%
    Students must actively participate in all P.E. activities. Students must run, stretch and engage in play as appropriate.
  2. Effort/Attitude 20%
    Student displays a positive attitude towards P.E., participates whole-heartedly and supports others.
  3. Dress 20%
    Student comes to class prepared.
  4. Skill Development 10%