Villa Academy’s Middle School Advisory program supports our whole child development of compassionate hearts and confident minds through intentional time dedicated to developing connections within a small supportive group of peers and a trusting relationship with a caring adult advocate. Key elements of our program include:


Advocacy & Academic Growth: Advisory provides an adult advocate for every student. Advisors nurture academic life, oversee school logistics, and coordinate communication between school and home.


Social, Emotional & Spiritual Growth: Advisory activities help develop self awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making skills within a safe environment where students can take healthy risks and grow.


Community Building & Invigoration: Advisory provides opportunities for inclusive social interaction that promotes our school climate of respect, integrity and compassion in a structure that allows for connection, creativity and fun.

This year in advisory we will focus on:

8th Grade – Leadership

The 8th Grade Advisory provides authentic and developmentally appropriate opportunities for the students to develop practical leadership skills, take an active role in shaping their community, provide valuable service to the school, and model servant leadership for younger students.


8th grade Advisory begins with practical leadership skill and community building activities at Leadership Camp. Throughout the year, 8th graders guide new 6th graders around at Visit Day, plan for and lead their peers at Leadership Camp, serve at the Italian Dinner, run for Student Council office and assist with Student Council events, lead Middle School Assemblies, and adore their Kindergarten Buddies!


Advisory this year also devotes time and support for managing the 8th Grade Culminating Project and the high school application process, and applying the academic, social, and emotional skills students have learned at Villa through the transition to high school.


Our purpose as your advisors is to be an advocate and guide, to take the time to get to know each of you well, to be available for any issues or concerns you have, and to ensure your success and well-being at school.